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Our highly experienced expeditors will assure that your material will be delivered on time. If there is already a delay, we work out an adequate solution with the supplier to expedite your material delivery.

KSI co-ordinates and inspects all aspects of the sub-supplier and sub-contractor chain, thereby avoiding major delays within the project phases.

Before or when the order is placed, the project-team can benefit from KSI´s worldwide professional expediting services, performed along with or separate from the inspections. Regardless of the industry, our specialists will assess and evaluate quickly, whether your order is running on time. Close contact with our clients provides an objective picture of suppliers, sub-suppliers and sub-contractors.

Detailed status reports are prepared according to your requirements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As your supply orders are commenced we maintain constant communication with your vendors and suppliers.

To sum up, our excellent expediting services will successfully prevent delays and save your corporation from very expensive overruns.

Vendor Assessments & Vendor Qualification Audits

Finding suppliers or sub-suppliers to provide quality products and services along with reliable and timely delivery can be a challenge. Our specialists will supply data for your specific needs to assist you with purchasing assessments. Our experts are distributed around the globe and can support you in any location.

Supplier Qualification Audit

Our team of engineers and specialists within the SQS Group supports your company in finding and qualifying new suppliers and sub-suppliers through our Supplier Qualification System.

SQS is designed to manage the qualification of potential, new and existing suppliers. It also reduces the time needed to evaluate tenders by enabling an earlier assessment of supply data at a separate qualification phase.

Our SQS specialists will supply data in specific categories to assist you in your purchasing assessment and decision-making process. Our experts support you wherever in the world our services are needed.